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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 27, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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happen. thanks for watching see you tomorrow. >> enjoy your smokin' hot wife. zach, i told you those are my chaps. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on today's show. >> the political showdown on raising the debt ceiling. one story we won't be covering tonight burkts we will have the secret hybrid animal experience conducted in england. and we will take a one sided look at this and edit the tape to shape the story the way we want it next. and finally congressman david wu says he hillary tire amidal -- will retire amid sexual relations with the daughter of a friend.
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well let's assume it is the daughter of an exfriend. >> thank you, andy. >> happy take your pants for a walk day. >> what is the point? >> people don't appreciate your, shall we say, liberal attitude of wearing pants when you go for your daily constitutional. >> well, they are just narrow minded. >> look, i am just passing a message. a message from many, many people, honest, hard working people who just want to live their lives about seeing you pantless every day. >> if they don't want to see you pantsless they can stay away from the reservoir every day between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. >> that's monday through friday. >> on saturday and sunday it is 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. >> the people who see you there though aren't complaining. >> and why should they? it is a shame we never get each other's names. >> that's why i bought the glow in the dark tank top with your name and number on it?
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do you wear it no. let's welcome our greatest. she is hotter than a hot pocket filled with law swraw -- lava and heated on the sun. i am here with brooke goldstein, founder of the children's rights institute, as if they need any. and director of the law fare project. and he is considered one of the funniest comedians working the circuit today. enough about chris rock. his latest cd is called image makeover, and it is selling dozens of copies. and he puts the mess in method acting. it is bill shultz. and he is so sharp that goth use him to self-mutilate, rick eleven ven that will. and he is a pile of goo that lines cages at the zoo. good to see you, pinch. >> today in critics picks, al scott explored the themes that arise in the 1985 sci-fi comeed duck dash comedic masterpiece "back to the future."
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the appropriate question is not where the hell is he, but when the hell is he? einstein is the world's first time traveler. >> that was impressive. >> you are pretty impressive. >> do you do any other impressions? >> no, but a lot want a two-shot. that's tv terms when you and i are on the camera at the exact same time. >> now we will move them away. so, should animals grown in labs have sexy human abs? it could happen i hope. british scientists have them there. they have been secretly create creating more than 150 embryos, but is their research noble or terrifying or noble or terrifying or noble or terrifying. a committee of fans are warning of a planet of the apes scenario where work on the hybrid creatures goes too
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far. said one lord alton, quote, it can never be justifiable. it is grotesque. if only you allow us to do this, we will find every -- find a cure for every illness known to mankind. i guess he hasn't taken the time to speak to any of the manimals as we have. "red eye" was able to score an interview with a specimen from a lab in leads. is -- l -- in leeds. >> so, ian, thank you for joining us. if you could tell us your story. >> you have some fit looking birds around here in the newsroom. >> they are half bird, half women rkz ugly. there is a nice tail down here. >> interesting, sir. >> does being a hog human hybrid leave you in a lot of pain. >> i don't like your tone. do you want to say that with a bit more respect?
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i am like you, but i have a tail. >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to offend you. >> well, you will be sorry when i come into that studio. i will talk to you man to man. >> i don't think you will be coming up here, sir. >> you don't think. you don't think, period. i am not going to pay for this. >> stick to the interview. >> what is the most humane way the world can treat the population. >> i have a bit of man in me and a bit of pig in me. and it looks like you got a little man in you last night. >> that was unnecessary. >> you are a lot unnecessary jie. any word of advice for those who may have an animal relative? >> that's all the advice you will get from me until i get my check. >> any final thoughts? >> yeah, your head stuck to my
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foot. >> he is a good looking man. >> we had to escort him out. he left a little gift for us. rick, are you disgusted by the human animal hybrids, or do you think it is a fantastic idea. >> you can't change the future. >> no. and do you know who is happy about this? >> apse. you know it is coming. they will rule the earth. we have seen it. >> why use apes if we are smarter than them? >> i don't know. >> i shot that down. paul, you are obviously a human camel hybrid judging by your lips, so you must be for this, right? >> i like the fact that we think we are so much higher than animals that it is beneath us done bred. dogs don't cause wars. ferrets don't pollute and cats don't go on "big brother." >> some tell me this is an argument for bestial tee. is this what you said to the police in alabama whether you caught in a farm? >> in alabama an hour and a half ago on 6th avenue,
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wherever. >> brooke, what do you make of this? if it helps finds cures, why not? >> the slew of ethical issues that come up -- we didn't give the -- the reason he called it so grotesque is what they created deformed human embryos with obviously -- you saw howdy formed they were. the fact they were doing this in secret tells me two things. number one that scientists who are conducting these experiments think they are above us when it comes to making moral decisions. and number two it affords me absolutely no assurance. who says they are killing the em embryos after 14 days. >> i know more about you, perverted, weirdie. -- weird owe. sure, dogs don't cause wars, but president they don't invent things either. >> what do they invent? >> poop with corn in it. >> well, we all do. bill, she makes some excellent
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points. >> here is where i disagree. i think she is absolutely right. you are definitely going to livelonger than they should. but they should do that. what would these things look like to fruition. they will not tell us about it. you are against it. i am for it up to a point. man-animal boring, man-supial, now we're talking. big pocket doesn't want this to happen. >> you know what we will get? a mermaid. >> it will be the reverse halves though. >> even better. >> you don't want to take a mermaid out. you will have to wheel her all cover. you want the low -- you want the lower half to be the legs and the upper half the fish. >> i don't think i want that at all. >> it creates potential for incredible sporting events. you have ultimate fighting where it is horeseman versus captain elephant. >> i don't think we know 90% of what they are doing in the labs. we heard about, this but what
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are we not hearing about? >> that's the negative. i prefer to think about the positives. >> but modern medicine has been nothing but the result of tinkering with mankind. if we didn't tinker and didn't get vaccines and everything else, 14-year-old would be -- >> typingering for tour teen -- tinkering for 14 days 1234* what can you garner -- what kind of science experiment is going to give us real results? >> open your mind. >> we are cloning humans. that was the concern. >> i don't think we could handle anymore lip. >> it has already happened. even in hollywood anybody who has run into this guy knows he is actually -- it is half ron howard and it is half -- i don't know. >> i didn't seize you arguing with your man breast i'm
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plants. you tinkered with god. >> yes, and a few people after that. i think we have come to an impasse on this topic. >> mansupial. i want to be an awesome possum. sfrie from beasts to bias. when it comes to reporting is the media distorting? well that seems to be what most people believe according to a poll done by "the hill," the capitol hill newspaper, not a naturally rounded elevation of land. they don't do reporting because they are inanimate. this survey of unlikely voters show 68% consider the media biased with 46% believing it favors democrats and 22% saying it favors republicans. and even among sen --sentist, 19% believes it favors republicans. that's like triple. more bad news, 57% of those surveyed think the news media is somewhat or very unethical. 44% say they are too friendly with politicians, and 89% say
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they get most of their news from "red eye." bad news indeed. speak speaking of the media, where were they on this story? >> no, gus. no, gus, no. >> he was half dog and half pool bay, gus. sorry, gus. it was something i had to do. it is amazing but does this stuff when you hear this bother you? >> of course. all i have is our credibility
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and our ethics. >> that's all you have? >> that's all i have. i mean, without credibility and ethics, what kind of reporter would i be? without credibility i should say what kind of reporter would i be? >> a vintage drunk. >> reviews coming up. >> it is hard to see humor in this because -- >> yeah you can take it serious. >> so i will leave it at that. >> you are drunk half the time when you are reporting. >> that's what i'm saying. >> somebody will see that and then write about it. >> he is drunk with information. >> how is it possible 22% of the media favor republicans. how is it possible that people believe that the media favor -- >> i never heard of the phrase media bias. what the hell, right? of course i am not surprised. i don't think anyone here is surprised. the europeans have their anti-american media bias. the arabs have their
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anti-israel and i believe the media have an anti-republican, anti--- >> oh god. >> first of all, there is no -- okay, there is no media bias against republicans even when the survey says that. where is your survey? who did you survey? the lip association? i don't know why i said that. that was a cheap shot. >> that's okay. i deserve it. >> the bottom line is everybody is bias and unethical. we are an entire culture of bernie madoff and martha stewart. both sides of the fence are -- >> but there is more on one side than the other. >> i don't think there is. >> i worked in media for 20 years. i know. >> the important question we need to ask, and i just want to table this is it is not is the media bias, but is the media honest about its bias. we have papers masquerading as
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objective analysis. >> are you talking about pinch? >> and then pretending not to be bias. >> j.f.k. slept with women and drank and popped pills and all of this stuff. the media covered all of that up. it was bias one side or the other. it is nothing new. it happened for decades. this is a nonstory story. >> paul is right. there used to be pro jefferson papers that were in the jefferson camp they knew lies about each other. there is nothing new about this. the owe nuss is on the read -- the onus is on the reader. if they do, they deserve what they get which is -- >> speaking of pinch, when did he get a tongue? >> he has always had a tongue. i never really looked closely. >> i have a tongue, sir because i use it. and here is what i have to say. the only thing you should be reading, the only thing you should be cross word scpght only thing you should be arts and leisuring is the new york
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f-ing times. >> to the greg-alogue, it is a donut of delight in the bakery of bore dom. >> imagine finding out that john wayne did yoga in a leotard listening to enya. that's how i feel about mcdone eld thats adding apples to the happy meal. it is like a training bra on a linebacker and a bikini on scott, my roommate who is a flight attendant. he likes that. mcdonalds says it is all about health. but we know they are doing it because they have been hounded by food freaks blaming them for everything from obesity to leprosy. mcdonalds has done more to the world in terms of saw fordable, delicious food than anyone on the planet. don't laugh, brooke. worse, mcdonalds is forcing its executives to go on a listening tour to hear from experts. listen to this --
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>> that's the sound i made when i heard about the listening tour. mcdonalds is my hero. they represent everything that is amazing about america. they make something you are ceable and make it available to everybody cheaply. and now they are being punished through a harassment campaign by people who hayes success and not frys. it is like michelle obama. she will condemn fast-food, but later she will be eating the lovely, lovely frys and who can blame her? mcdonalds says apples is what customers were asking for. sorry, no real mcdonalds fan would ask for an apple. if they want an apple, they won't go to mcdone eld thats. they will go where there are apples. apple store? apples suck. if you disagree with me you are a homophobe. >> paul? >> yeah. >> if that's your real name. should mcdonalds be serving apples or is that communism? >> have you lost your mind? >> don't change the subject to my mind, sir. >> who goes against apples?
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it is like being against kitties and sunshine. >> but apples with frys? this is weird. >> it is parents overcome pen say thing for letting their kids eat that crap in the first place. it is fatty food and we have an obese society jie. we have a rich society -- >> am i allowed to say anything negative? >> you can't. i am bias toward mcdonalds. i will silence you if you speak out against mcdonalds. >> clearly your favorite character is ronald mcdeath because you lost your mind. >> unnecessary and hurtful making fun of them. brooke shouldn't they stand up to the foodies? >> i disagree with you. there is absolutely nothing wrong with the world's largest fast today chain trying to up its image, trying to get healthy. >> out of fear. >> for once you can walk out of a mcdonalds and not feel entirely disgusting. >> that's the best part of mcdonalds.
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the best part is walking out and going, oh! >> don't eat the apples then. >> i'm mad at them for caving. you are a man unlike everybody here. >> yes, you are. >> you must be disgusted at mcdonald. >> first of all, you can't buy a happy meal. are you too old. >> that's right. >> that's why he takes kids to the playground. >> i am old enough to remember when mcdonalds introduced apple pie. >> isn't that great? >> that's awesome. >> when it first was introduced. >> that's how you serve an apple, apple pie. >> but now they have grown, developed, matured. >> they are going backwards. apple pies and spiked apple cry der. >> you need a doctor for your angioplasty after you eat mcdonalds. >> i don't even know what that means. bill, you don't even eat solid foods, so this means little to you. >> for all of you first time vires out there, you might not know this, but our host recently lost 350 pounds.
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i have to ask you something, greg, did you lose that weight by eating more mcdonalds or more of the kind of food that michelle obama -- >> that's actually an excellent question. i don't eat at mcdonalds. mcdonalds to me i look at as a treat. i have a minute to say this. i eat nothing but meat and bacon. that's all i eat. >> and your vegetable is sadness. >> my vegetable is sadness. wait, that's not true. why did i repeat that? i have to move on. >> coming up, why do old men smell? brooke goldstein discusses her new book, get away from me, smelly old man. but first, what is on lohan's plate these days? insert cocaine joke here. oh, crap, i didn't.
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you would think one drug-riddled pop singer would teach another star let something. but just hours after the news of amy winehouse's death hit the wires, freckled fun lover lyndsay lohan was seen guzzling drinks at two l.a. hotels on saturday night. said an unnamed source, aren't they all, of lilo's inebriation, by 2:00 a.m. she couldn't stand. she was trying to stabilize herself and then went to the curtains and hung on them. the meetinger saw this and went over -- the manager went over and helped her stand up. let's have some dogs reenact this. >> that was quite a re-enactment. brooke, can't stop somebody who wants to destroy themselves, right?
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>> my god, leave her alone. leave lyndsay lohan alone. we need to get the media spotlight off her. we need to stop pretending we care about her and insulting her on television. >> did you find that offensive? >> yeah, a little bit. >> oh, you are so cute when you are offended. >> if someone wants a drink, no one will stop her. >> i say lay her down and put a bottle of vodka down her throat jie. that's terrible. >> i'm tired of it. she is supposed to be punished and she is in a halfway house and hout and not doing what she is supposed to be doing. if it is you or i -- >> i will go to bill on a verification, because he knows all things drunk. she didn't go to jail. isn't this a violation of something? >> no, she saw loued to drink. >> she is not going through with her community service. >> different subject, sir.
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she can do a community service drunk, i have many times. >> how do you get through it otherwise? >> has she denied this account? >> indeed she has. how dare you embrace the rumors so quickly? >> lyndsay went to the only place she had. the birthday turns into a slew of lies. >> now cheers to li lo for setting the record straight. jeers to lilo for using the word, grr. let's stop this right now. >> do you think grr is a growl for help? >> from what you described because of lyndsay's alleged behavior -- >> i am not wishing this on her, but if she passes away from this -- >> but it could happen. >> can i get a word out? >> no, we are going to break jie. can i address something real quick?
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i have better tolerance and better back freckles. >> if she dies i don't want anybody to say, oh she was going to give us "her be 2" it doesn't matter. >> thank you, paul for being sensitive. e-mail us if you have a comment. it is red eye at fox news .com. it is very simple. to leave a voicemail on my direct line 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. not a freckle on him. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by reenactors, individuals who help to recreet 80 -- help to recreate historical events.
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welcome back. let's see if we have anything wrong so far. >> i notice there was somebody in between you and the pig man spraying it down. >> well. it didn't work. >> what is this, the brady bunch? >> welcome back to "red eye." we have only been doing this for a month. >> i thought this was "the five." >> that's because you can't count. >> that's why he is an unbiased reporter. >> human animal hybrids. greg, you mentioned the quote ethically it can never be justifiable dabbling in the grotesque. they said the same thing about
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dr. murrow. they -- that turned out well. they tried to block his research and in the end it killed the poor fellow. >> they tried to stop the guy whose phone booth. >> it was a phone booth. >> sensitive. >> rick, you said apes are happy about this and it is inevitable they will rule the world. >> excellent plug for 20th century fox in "planet of the apes." >> very excited about that. >> are you really? >> really? we need another one of those? >> yes, we do. it is 20th century fox. >> the special affects are so much better now jie. what was the franchise missing? origin story. >> i agree. there is nothing wrong with a good origin story, right, bill? >> thank you. >> i can't wait for the origin story of "sex and the city."
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>> i can play a young carrie. >> you can play a young carrie jie. and have an annoying voiceover throughout. >> i think anyone but sarah jessica parker can play a young carrie. >> unnecessary. >> she is probably like my age. that's the sad part. brooke, you say the fact that scientists are doing these experiments in secret shows they think they are better than us. or maybe it shows they know everybody will blow these things out of proportion and start doing things like, i don't know, cloning humans? >> they are cloning humans. >> this has nothing to do with cloning humans. >> they #r* cloning the # s human animal hybrids. >> that's not cloning humans. >> i am staying out of this. >> and they are not making animal human hybrids. they are not making pig men. >> yes, they are. >> read the full quote. they had both human and animal
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limbs. >> but they are not growing actual creatures. >> how do you know? it is being done in secret jie. they are destroying them in 14 day. >> how do we know it is happen ?g. >> they say so. >> the great thing about the hybrids, andy is you can go about 80 or 90 miles on them. >> absolutely. the world's first clinical trials was only possible after testing brain cells on rats. that's what they are doing. >> andy, we know that. i am saddened by the fact. >> we all know that, but we wanted to do a story to talk about pig men. >> i know. >> why do you have to tear the curtain down. why? how do you explain a-block, andy? >> getting an a-block on an exclusive interview, how do you explain what you saw with your own eyes?
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>> i believe i can't prove it. i believe that was bill with a nose glued to his face. >> are you telling flea is no tooth fairy 1234*. >> can you imagine a tooth fairy animal hybrid? jerk. >> media bias. paul, -- >> what is up toothy? >> you don't think the media is bias against conservatives? >> in general? >> i think it is closer to 50/50. >> are you that stupid? >> i do. >> also, one minute you are saying the media is not bias toward conservatives and then two minutes later it is no big deal they have been doing it for years. >> there has been bias fort meade yaw for years. >> what are you, paul nguyen in the center square? >> god, i wish. your response, sir? >> i am telling you i don't think it is as unbalanced as
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people are saying. there is bias in either direction. >> that's because you agree with the bias. >> what do you want me to say? i'm sorry i don't agree with you. >> i don't want you to be stupid. for your own good i am trying to work with you here. >> when people don't work with you, they are stupid because they don't have a come back. >> no, that's not true at all. you are stupid. people who disagree with me are bright, you are just not one of those people and it sadens me. >> i have a law degree. >> you can get a lot of things on-line these days. >> i am a reverend. >> bill owe fish yates weddings between pig men and seal boy. >> in my backyard. here is the catch, i don't have a backyard. >> greg-alogue, apples in happy meals. greg can't buy a happy meal because he is too old. actually that's not true. it is based on height. >> wow. >> that was completely uncalled for. >> i expect people who are my
12:36 am
height to write into andy. >> i do find it funny they are doing this because 11% of the customers are choosing apples over frys. >> yeah, 11%. that's like one in five. >> i believe that's exactly what it is. >> why is there this feeling that mcdonalds can't defend themselves? >> as long as the government is not forcing them to do this -- >> you agree with the stupid guy? oh my god. >> i don't think you hurt paul's feelings. >> i think so too. i am coming over there right now with my pig man. >> greg, did i agree with you on this poll? >> yes, you did. >> i changed my opinion then. i don't think mcdonalds should be doing this. it is horrible and awful. and i think you have to be stupid to think this is a good idea. >> i didn't show up at a party and start puking two hours later. >> i agree with you on this one, paul. i think greg was being a little over the top in his
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outrage. >> perhaps. but somebody has to. >> i agree. i am glad it was you, sir. >> i'm there. >> lil so drinking. you said leave lyndsay lohan alone. i completely disagree. i think sloppy drunks who make fools of themselves deserve to be called out. >> you love that. >> wait a second. >> no, i just think if you don't want to be called out for it, moderate your drinking or drink in your home. >> yeah, but she's a child star. she has been in the spotlight for a longtime. i am feigning sympathy for her and then going on an insult rampage. >> that's a good point. >> who was feigning sympathy for her? >> certainly not paul. >> i sympathize with her. >> we stick together. >> let's talk about this bias issue in the media. >> it is only bias if you don't agree with the side are you on. that's the issue.
12:38 am
>> then how come 33% of sen terrorists think the media is --centrist -- i think it is 12% or 19% of centrists believe it is bias. >> i can get u.s. any result you want in life -- i can get you any result you want in life. >> there are a lot of studies, but there is one of many. they come out every year and say the same thing. we know that. >> it goes back to the same thing i said earlier. paul is stupid. i love you, paul. >> i love you too. >> i am done. coming up, what is it like to be living on the face of a selfish jerk who never cares if you are swollen or chaped? we interview paul mccurio's lips when we return. first, what is happening to mr. wu? stick around and we will tell you.
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she hanging up her tiger har suit and quitting congress. oregon paul, david wu announced he plans to leave office amid accusation he's had a sexual encounter with the teenage daughter of an associate. but his resignation is not effective until the debt ceiling crisis is resolved. said wu in a statement, quote, i cannot care for my family the way i wish while serving in congress and fighting these very serious allegations. now earlier this year wu acknowledged that he sent strange e-mails to his staffers. not this one though. >> no, this is completely normal. >> picture himself around halloween. several of his staff quit after that. clearly they didn't get him. anyway, let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning round. >> rick, welcome to the show.
12:43 am
>> thank you very much. >> what do you make of this guy? there is something wrong. it is not like funny like anthony wiener funny. it is funny like weird funny jie. there is a lesson here every man should consider. it is right before they do something. they know they shouldn't be doing it. is it worth losing your seat in congress? >> that doesn't work with me because i don't have a seat in congress. >> you know what i'm getting at here. >> yes, i do. >> he's gone. >> he did it quickly unlike wiener who lingered who -- for like 17 days. >> this show suffers. >> yeah, there is no end to wu's whoas. i thought that up two seconds ago. >> it doesn't show. >> what took nancy pelosi so
12:44 am
long to muffle him out of office. i think they are getting rid of the achilles heels. >> you own the same costumes. do you think it will hurt people like you who like to dress up and take pictures of yourself? >> no, you can always change costumes. >> that's triew. >> and my feeling is, look, he is doing to the democrats what they are doing to the base right now at the democratic party. this guy is a mess. between wiener and him, nancy pelosi has not had to deal with this many wayward penises. it is a mess. >> didn't see that one coming. >> what do you make of this? >> he has crazy face, doesn't he? >> innocent. i think there is something you need to look into. i judge books by the cover. and that photo was adorable. he is the cutest guy in congress. there is no way he did what he said he did. i do have sources that tell me though that while this is normal p, the problem is he wore it every day that day for
12:45 am
the next two months. he never took it off even when he relieved himself. that was a problem. >> you are full of lies. and let's not forget there is a female victim in this. >> alleged. nothing has been proven. >> that is true. >> at least he is not going for virtual sex like wiener. maybe he actually the sex. >> it was of course sex, paul. according to a report in "usa today" more american women are turning 40 and using that as an excuse to party like they are 16 again. this usually takes the form of girlfriend get aways, exotic no kids vacations without spousesor lavish parties with friends. now brooke, you are 52. what does your 40th birthday look like? >> so cheesy. turning 40 is an excuse to go island hoping in style, a-la
12:46 am
"sex and the city" an excuse to have a sweet 16? yuck. >> which is what you did after 40. >> i don't know why i am going to you. >> i think it is pro active. the women are going away and leaving their husbands at home to be with their 22-year-old girlfriends. >> there is the silver lining. what is wrong with this? >> i like -- good for them. it is when women over 40 start drinking they get that woman over 40 drinking voice. >> 50 is the new 40. >> you are 51, aren't ?u. >> as long as they don't leave their kids in the are ka, it is fine. -- in the car, it is fine. >> they should take public transportation because they are drinking. >> bill, all of the stuff on this is an neck dough tall. this is not real data. it is completely made up. >> it is around midtown. closer to time square you see these women. but i will say they are not going to leave their kids in the car. they are 25, and that would be weird. but partying with the kids, that is trouble.
12:47 am
>> there is a trend for every woman. women like to make a big deal about their birthdays. >> do they? i think the opposite is true. >> the tape i saw is accurate. it is every bachelorette party you will ever see. there is candy taped to their shirts and they have fall lick looking -- falic looking pencils. >> this is the stupidist story i ever heard. see what happens when i do "the five," there is nothing here. this was a fake story. a british survey reports the majority of people when deprived of the internet feel, quote, upset and lonely. and they find going off line as hard as quitting smoking or drinking. one person even said that not having access to the web was, quote, like having my hand chopped off. he knew this because moments earlier he had his hand chopped off. rick, if you feel alone because you can't get on-line, doesn't that mean you need more real life friends? >> i want that guy to have his
12:48 am
hand cutoff. is it really as bad as losing your hand? >> that's a good point. you just came from an idea where people are injured. >> i can relate. i know what it is like when you lose that connection. being somewhere you can't get on your blackberry or the e-mails, but come on. >> it feels good because are you disconnected. >> you have to prepare yourself for disconnection or it feels funny. >> that's because are you completely -- >> there are far worse things in life. >> well they liken it to being uh districted to heroin. i'm sorry i have never been by a dumpster by 7-eleven waiting for google to load. >> why do you judge everything i say? >> you almost redeemed yourself. >> brooke, what does this survey tell you? >> i think it is really scary howdy pendant we are. it is totally unparalleled that we are dependent and so attached to an external object. it is not like chopping your hand off. when i see my black blackberry
12:49 am
get run over by a car which i saw happened. it is like watching your best friend die. i feel so lonely and depressed. >> you can get a new one. >> it is 24 hours. it is like withdraw. >> bill, you have no real or on-line friends, so it doesn't matter where you are. >> yeah, but you got your angry birds. that in and of itself, that heroin -- bill, are you talking about actually literally angry birds. >> don't ask me how i anger them. that is not pg. it is time for another break. check out the new red eye pod cast. go to fox news radio .com and click on "red eye." tonight we talked about andy going to the movies and how much he hated it.
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it is time once again for a where are they now? surely you recall this heartbreaking video. >> that was in 2009. at the same time barry saint baltimore topped over 26 pounds and went on to appear on several weight loss reality shows. but after finally making progress on the run away hit
12:54 am
"meow that's what i call fitness" he battled an ad re ol addiction. he continued to shed the pounds, but some worry has he lost too much weight? at an official weigh in he checked in at 0.000 pounds leaving his fans more frightened for his well being than ever before. this has been a "red eye" where are they now? sf. >> that is the first time one of these has ended on such a somber note. a cat has to just go to mcdonalds and everything will be fine. >> will is it? >> or go party with lyndsay low -- lyndsay lohan ?ie. we will close things up with andy levy. and to see recent clips go to
12:55 am
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i will see you back here at see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for
12:58 am
"the five." coming up tomorrow on "ed -- on" red eye" mike baker, how long is he a former cia? can't we just say mike baker? and reasons -- 12 she no longer at "-- he is no longer at" reason" michael monohan. back to andy levy for the post game wrap uk h >> thanks. brooke, i hear you are going to california on friday? >> i a3 at i have been given the honor of participating in the clairemont institute lincoln fellowship institute. i'm really excited and looking forward to it. >> excellent. congratulations. >> thank you. >> rick, please explain this video. >> i am teaching my dog how to
12:59 am
climb trees. >> he is going after a squirrel. he can't stand squirrels. >> you have the dumbest dog in the world. >> he is not bothering anyone now. >> he almost got him. >> it kind of creates an anti-squirrel bias i am frankly uncomfortable with. >> whatever are you into, man. >> it would have been cool if paou i were up in that tree. >> in cutoffs and a half shirt and holding a sudsy sponge saying, hey, i just took a break from washing the truck. >> you keep talking to somebody off the set nobody knows is there. >> paul, do you have any upcotimng digs you want to plug? >> august 6th, saturday, i hope you can all come, bridge street live theater in collinsville, connecticut. not far from the city. come on out. >> we could go, but we are not going to. back to you, greg. >> jerk.


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